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the “future police officer” shirts came in today, should be in the mail within the next couple of days. omg. this shirt exists now… there are a few extras available here





BREAKING NEWS: if you ever judge anyone based on the number of sexual partners they’ve had, you’re a complete imbecile.

I beg to differ.

If someone has had more than one hundred thousand sexual partners I will absolutely judge them because that is impressive as hell.

I was expecting that to go somewhere else than it did and I’m pleased with the ending

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Jean-Léon Gérôme, Venus Rising (The Star)


Jean-Léon Gérôme, Venus Rising (The Star)

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bluecohosh - me by emily


it hurts

prodigiousapparition tagged me :D

Name: Paula
Favorite Color(s): Purple
Lucky Number: 13 fo sho
Height: 6’0
Talents: arty and craft things also cats science space pretty things idk so many
What kind of phone do you have: Windows
Last Dream You Remember: when I did dmt and wrote that poem that was my last dream
Can You Juggle: no :C
Art/Sport/Both: Arttttt!
Do you like writing: yeah! I wish I could do it better.
Do you like singing: yesss
Do you like dancing: yes!
Dream Vacation: Ireland, Italy, Canada idk
Dream Person: apparently tall dark handsome and unattainable/lives far away
Dream Wedding: haha I would throw the biggest party
Dream Pet: a cat or a Chimera also maybe a raven
Dream Job: voice acting or singing or acting or black cat sanctuary
Favorite season of the year: Fall
Hair Color: Currently red
Eye Color: idk weird blue green grey whatev
Biggest pet peeve: men being intimidated by my size and intelligence 
Humorous/Serious: both, because that makes the jokes better
Biggest Turn Off: bad communication, entitlement, lack of empathy
Biggest Turn On: uhh it varies day by day really but confidence, sweetness humor and intelligence A++ big noses and exaggerated features also p rad

andrew w k is following me (who rarely uses/often screws tweets up) on twitter and I geeked out hardddddddd
<3 ___ <3

andrew w k is following me (who rarely uses/often screws tweets up) on twitter and I geeked out hardddddddd

<3 ___ <3

Who! Wants! To! Skype! Me and my girl Katie are bored and smoking hmu bbs

here’s a collection of photos from the last 24 hours of me being cute with other people etc

Faces in the trees a subconscious mind is one at play what are you hiding from come play before we break down to simple carbon components
A giant face in the skyline at first awe struck and afraid but charmed by the otherworldly figure and the beauty I am frozen and smiling but is it out of fear or wonder
I am the cosmos both mighty and delicate mining in the recesses of the diseased tissue to learn my own secrets that I’ve kept behind the veil
The branches sway away and over, the faces break and multiply fractals in the sky what beauty and gentleness of such great magnitude would that I could hold myself so gently but my hands are clumsy and calloused but I still love
It is dusk now and the face breaking my horizon shows we are all powerfully here now needy ape descendants trying to puzzle our souls into equations and occupy our pleasure centers vicariously through nonsense
Rain falls from my face in the sky and turns to fountains I only knew how to multiply my tears and fears no one told us it was safe to say no we our the children of terror and survivors wash me clean wash me til I am glowing
Higher consciences know but body feels and a levee breaks fear floods and is washed away released to rivers and oceans of something better go beat upon the eternal oceans shore my soft heart could never stand it for very long I could never be the shore just a wave crashing through
Sleeping my body lowers and I am whole, face and I reflecting on reality, time and why why why you already know the future for us is back to the seas from where we came so please be gentle please be strong please be lovely to whatsoever you may meet on a brief visit in my body.